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Boutiques & Shops - Verudela Avenue



The new fun & shopping street connects the newly renovated Park Plaza Histria Hotel and Park Plaza Verudela Resort. lt contains a number of shops, a supermarket, boutiques, art galleries, souvenir shops, bars and restaurants. The Verudela Avenue is also a part of the entertainment and animation
program. It’s a common fact that the Italians have the best espresso. If you want to try it, come and visit us at our Espressamente illy bar where you can try our coffee, cocktails, soft drinks and other refreshing drinks, but also delicious sandwiches and delicacies. We are also inviting you to try the delicacies in the resort restaurant. Our dedicated staff will make sure that you pamper your palate with a delicious meal and a good glass of wine. The opening hours of our restaurants, bars and shops are subject to change and displayed on the front door of each object. For any additional information, please contact reception.

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